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Cloud ERP For Small & Medium Enterprise


Gust 4.0 Cloud ERP integrate and automate end-to-end business workflow .

Our platform is designed to meet the unique needs of each business, and we offer a range of customization and implementation services to ensure that our clients get the best results.

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About Us

  • Founded in 2020 and incorporated in 2021, PT Gust Infra Solusi (Gust) is a Fast-growing Tech startup company that provides cutting-edge cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Our goal is to help companies streamline their operations, automate their processes, and enhance their decision-making capabilities by leveraging the latest technology.
  • Our team of experts has extensive experience in the ERP industry, and we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that are reliable, scalable, and easy to use. Our cloud-based platform provides businesses with a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-premise ERP systems.

Mission Statement

  • We help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals by providing innovative, reliable, and cost-effective ERP solutions.
  • We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and support, and to continuously improve our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

About SaaS

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a buzzword over the last decade. An attractive business model that provides combination of simplicity and flexibility for the end users.


Users can access the application from anywhere, anytime with almost all kind of devices with internet browser


A SaaS company is a service provided for applications that make them almost instantly available to the customer through the internet.


Estimated to have total of  $272B market cap worldwide.

SaaS / Cloud ERP Benefits


Cloud ERP systems can scale to accommodate the changing needs of a business, making it easier to add or remove users, processes, and functionalities.


With Cloud ERP, employees can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection, which can improve collaboration and productivity.


Cloud ERP is typically more cost-effective than traditional on-premise ERP systems as it eliminates the need for expensive hardware and IT infrastructure


Cloud ERP providers typically have advanced security measures in place to protect customer data, and the responsibility for maintaining the security of the system lies with the provider.

Reduced IT burden

With Cloud ERP, businesses can reduce their IT burden by outsourcing the management and maintenance of the system to the provider.

Faster Deployment

Cloud ERP systems can be deployed more quickly than traditional on-premise systems, allowing businesses to start benefiting from their investment sooner.

Benefit of using SaaS from StartUp


Startups often offer SaaS solutions at a lower price point compared to established players, making it more accessible for small businesses and startups.


Startups often have a more flexible approach to product development, which means they can make changes quickly to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Risk mitigation

By using SaaS from a startup company, businesses can minimize the risk associated with investing in new technology, as startups often offer flexible payment options, such as pay-as-you-go.


Startups are often more agile and responsive to customer needs, leading to the creation of new and innovative SaaS solutions.

Personalized attention

Startups are often smaller organizations, meaning customers can receive more personalized attention and support from the company.

Opportunities for growth

Working with a startup can provide opportunities for businesses to grow, as startups often have a more entrepreneurial spirit and are more likely to be looking for new ways to grow their businesses.

Gust 4.0 Key Features

Target Market

Small and medium-sized businesses of Supply Chain, Logistics, and Cargo industry as well as Manufacturing. We aim to help these companies overcome their operational challenges, increase efficiency, and improve their bottom line.

Product & Services

Gust 4.0 Cloud ERP integrate and automate end-to-end business workflow from Procure-to-Pay,  Order-to-Cash, Record-to-Report, Hire-to-Retire, as well as Reporting & Dashboard.

The Logistics and Cargo modules handles Airway Bill Reservation to the last-mile Proof of Delivery, to Invoicing and Payment with integrated QR Code scanning functionality.

Gust 4.0 At-a-Glance


Ade Darmawan

Founder & CEO Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Bomo Wibowo

Co-Founder Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Trio Aditia

Energy Solution Engineer Facebook Twitter Linkedin


Business Architect Facebook Twitter Linkedin

User Reviews

Success Story & Testimony

Only this company can make our work simple and effective. service features are easy to understand, moreover they can make work easier without relying on a laptop anymore.

Mr. Grady OctavianCEO - PT Jasa Wahana Antaran Jawara Logistics

Gust-4.0 has been very helpful in enabling us to complete our tasks more quickly and accurately. We have more breathing room in our work, and we now have more time to focus on serving our customers..

Mr. Eddy SoemartonoCFO - PT Dutagaruda Piranti Prima

Gust-4.0 is very useful. Its ability to present the real time data update, allow us to make a decision more effective and efficient. We rely on Gust-4.0 daily to help us improve our performance and achieve great results.

Mr. Risal AkbarVP Commercial - PT Aero Jasa Kargo


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